Compliant Device Policy

Equipment warranty

All equipment and devices must have service warranty with the equipment manufacturer or authorized reseller. All equipment warrant must be up to date and valid.

Equipment age

PC’s, Servers and network equipment including routers, switches, backup devices and media must be less than 5 years old or turning 5 years old in the first 11 months of the agreement.  Servers must be replaced by clients upon reaching the age of 5 years.  Replacement installation costs are billed outside the monthly service amount at Brackio’s then hourly rate.  Servers must be covered by an active hardware warranty. Brackio will coordinate warranty diagnostics, repairs and return to service.

PC’s (laptops/desktops/Macs) in excess of 5 years in age that fail will need to be replaced by the client with a new machine or one that is less than 5 years in age. Work to restore or replace equipment older than 5 years will be billed as an additional charge.

Device software

All Servers, Desktop PC’s and Notebooks/Laptops with Microsoft Windows or Apple operating systems must be running an operating system supported by Microsoft or Apple with support expected to continue 12 months or more with the latest service packs and critical updates installed. As Microsoft or Apple stops supporting an operating system Client must update their operating system or remove it from any access to the network. 

Device antivirus

All devices must have a qualified antivirus software installed. A qualified antivirus is an antivirus with an active subscription to receive updates and is consider reputable by your Brackio Team.

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