How to Make Money Blogging

This year alone, the count of bloggers has increased to 32 million, and it’s going to continue to grow. If you’re looking to join the world of blogging, you might be wondering how to make money blogging.

We’ve created a guide that will help you monetize the content you create and continue doing what you love. Don’t stop reading now; you’re not going to want to miss these key ways to make money online.

Choose Your Niche Wisely

The first thing you need to do when becoming a blogger is choosing your niche wisely. You’ve got to choose a niche that people are interested in and therefore wouldn’t mind spending some money to support the blog.

Before you choose the niche for your blogging endeavors, consider the things you’re most passionate about. After you determine something you’re passionate about from there, you need to consider if the passion will provide you with plenty of topics to write about.

Ask yourself, who are you writing for? Are the topics you’re going to write about profitable? The niche you choose has to be something you’re intrigued by because people can tell when you’re not truly knowledgeable about a subject, and it can hurt your brand in the long run.

Every topic you write about should pique the interest of your audience and captivate them. For example, if your focus is on beauty, a blog article about the top beauty brands to buy from is a topic you could blog about with ease.

Produce Content Regularly

Now that you’ve determined your blog niche, it’s time to start producing content regularly. It’s important to create a content schedule and stick to it.

If you hope to be profitable as a blogger creating content for your blog regularly can help you attract the attention of brands that would want to partner with you. Part of blogging regularly is choosing the right topics to write about.

Don’t forget to do your research and choose the right SEO keywords to place throughout your blogs. These keywords should be in the following:

  • Meta description
  • Headlines
  • Images

Optimizing your content is going to help your blogs be seen by more people and will increase your rankings in search engines.

Submit Guest Blogs

There are tons of websites out there that will pay for a quality piece of content to publish on their blogs. If this is the route you choose to take, ensure you review the submission guidelines on the website thoroughly before submitting your guest blog.

Before submitting your guest blog, create a solid pitch to send along with it. Don’t forget to include a link to your blogger site to show the website you’re submitting your post to that you have experience as a writer.

If you don’t have an idea of where to submit your guest posts, find your competitors. Once you find your competitors do some research to find out where their blogs are being published.

Remember, just because you have experience in a specific niche doesn’t mean your pitch will be accepted the first time. Stay strong and continue to submit your pitches until its accepted.

Promote the Blog

There are tons of freelance jobs out there, and one of the most popular ones is blogging. It’s essential to market your blog if you hope to maintain your competitive advantage over others that are a part of the same niche.

Marketing your blog will increase your online reputation and visibly as well. There are several ways to market your blog, including creating a community area where your readers can read and interact with each other.

You should also combine your writing efforts and start producing blogged content. Your followers will enjoy seeing what you do when you’re not writing content for them to read on your blog.

At the bottom of each blog you publish, don’t forget to put your social media channels for everyone to find your blog accounts.

Design a Strong Website

Your blog design is important because it’s where you’re going to publish your blogs and market them for people to see. Your blog should match your brand personality without distracting those who visit it.

If you’re unsure how to create a blog that will attract and retain visitors, there are companies out there that can help you. Not only are these experts skilled in the ways of SEO they can also ensure your blog is mobile-friendly.

Website visitors should be able to access your blog from their phones, computers, or tablets without any problems. As you select a website host, look into the customer service features they offer.

If your website goes down, you need to be able to contact someone and get the help you need without missing a beat.

Offer Services or Classes

Once you’ve built a strong following, you can start offering services or classes to people who are willing to pay for them. For example, if you’re a writer specializing in all things food, you could offer cooking classes to your followers.

You could teach them various things and offer them special access to an experience they wouldn’t normally get in regular classes. You could also teach writing classes to people that wish to learn.

Teach them how to become a blogger and fill them in on the mistakes you made that others could avoid as they pursue a career in writing. There are some blogs that offer paid subscriptions or sell merchandise.

How to Make Money Blogging

There are tons of ways to make money blogging; you’ve just got to take a chance and do it. One such way to do so is by promoting your blog through various forms of marketing.

You can also look into submitting guest blogs for websites that will pay you for each submission they accept. But, the first thing you’ve got to do is create your blogger website.

Need help with this? Book a free consultation, and let us help you get your website up and running so you can start profiting from your skills.

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